Why there is no job for me?

Because the job we used to know for more than 100 years is over. The job we used to know, means larger or smaller enterprise or institution, stronger or weaker manager, precise or fuzzy job description, where all what’s asked from individuals (once hired with definite set of skills and knowledge) is to come to work at certain time and be excited about each management initiative, even if it means the actual end of the individual’s job. Further I call it the “usual job”.

The end of the usual job ends when we continuously improve the productivity. But the individuals within a day can do just certain amount of work. Individual becomes more “productive” when he is assisted by experience and knowledge (and we all that it is up to certain level as we can’t improve our performance endlessly), mechanical devices (you can sew much more with a sewing machine compare to just needle) and technology advancement (little bit of pesticides and the crop is much more). The term “one person’s productivity” we can relate just the performance improvement in the result of one’s learning and development. All the rest is the capital productiveness not the increased human productivity.

The end of the usual job is facilitate by people themselves, when they find themselves in a role of the customer. It is so convenient to pay the bills sitting in your sofa with laptop in your hands, or looking for better deal to buy airline tickets in the internet. And here it goes - few mouse clicks, and somebody somewhere has lost his/her usual job.

The usual job ends in big, long operating and stable organizations, as their customers (we) are looking for the originality, adapting to trends and developing technologies. But there is no money for intense, nonstop employees training and development, especially if the chance that this new trend will last just for a short period of time.

There is no global solution for the end of the usual job. Theoretically the beautiful one is to learn to share with all you have with others. But this is just a theory (see any discussion in internet on accepting/refusing refugees in Europe). Practically – there was an idea in France that 35h week will create additional workplaces. But it didn’t worked out. Experiments show that even to 6h shortened working day doesn’t make anybody to create more workplaces.

What to do if you are that individual? That human? Do what you know the best. Do, what you just can’t not to do. Do, what creates the value for people and organizations. And here it doesn’t count if you work as a freelancer of salaried employee. Be the first to do, not waiting for the job description or market to be ready.

And whenever you have a choice buy the products and services from somebody with a name and surname, from somebody who put his heart in the job. Yes, it may lack the seemingly safety, but you will have something unique, and somebody will have the job. Own job.