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Vision of LAPM

To be the best ideas developer and opinion leader in personnel management in Latvia

LPVA mission - to create best practice in personnel management in Latvia. Strategic Goal 2020: To support and promote creativity, innovation and active involvement of members by improving the organization's operational model and communication

Values of LAPM members


We understand competence as the whole set of knowledge, skills and abilities that we need every day for a great and excellent job performance, as well as an interest in learning and trying out a new working methods.


Collaboration as a value involves a positive attitude towards each other, mutual support and genuine pleasure from co-operation.


By creativity, we understand the possibility of doing things differently, more effectively.


Reliability is based on the ability to reciprocate - the members of the LPVA as the organization and the LPVA to the maximum responsible and honest use of the resources and powers entrusted to them in daily life.

LAPM Board

Management Board is chaired by the Chairman of the Board and board consists of seven members.

The Board is elected by the Meeting of Members for a term of up to three years.

Operational activities are led by Chairman of the Board.

Eva Selga
Chairman of the board
Fiziskais biedrs
Gundega Dambe
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Fiziskais biedrs
Ingrīda Rone
Member of the board
Ilona Kalniņa
Member of the board
Emergn AS
Signe Simanoviča
Member of the board
Ligita Pundiņa
Member of the board
Latvijas valsts meži, AS

Members of LAPM212

# Name Year joined
1 Latvijas Finieris, AS 1996
2 SCHWENK Latvija, SIA 1998
3 Latvijas dzelzceļš, VAS 1998
4 TET, SIA 1998
5 Komercizglītības centrs, SIA 1999
6 Valsts kontrole 1999
7 BTA Baltic Insurance company, AAS 2000
8 Alma Career Latvia, SIA 2000
9 Latvijas Pasts, VAS 2000
10 Latvijas valsts ceļi, VSIA 2000