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LPVA biedru stāsti

The highest governing body of the Latvian Association of the People Management (LAPM)  is the General meeting to be convened at least once a year.

The Board manages and represents the LAPM . Board is chaired by the Chairperson of the Board and shall consist of seven board members, of which no more than two may be private persons.

LAPM Board is elected by the General meeting  for three years.

LAPM daily activities are managed by the Chairperson of the Board.

The Supervisory board manages and represents the LAPM . Supervisory board  consists of five members of the Council is be chaired by the Chairperson of the Supervisory board.


LAPM  Board and Supervisory Board

Chairperson of the Board:

Eva Selga

Latvian Post Bank AS

Deputy Chairperson:

Ingda Rone

Lattelecom SIA


Members of the Board:

Anita Sāne
Baiba Pedraudze
Irēna Ļeoņenko
Lelde Lipska
Signija Aizpuriete

Private person
Tele2 SIA
Baltic Beach Hotel
Private person
State Plant Protection Service
of the Ministry of Agriculture

Chairperson of the Supervisory board:

Inga Kola

Latvenergo AS

Members of the Supervisory board

Žozita Beresņeva
Arta Biruma
Ligita Pundiņa
Ligita Šmeile

Latvijas Mobilais Telefons SIA
Eiro Personāls SIA
Latvijas valsts meži AS
Komercizglītības centrs SIA

LAPM has up and running Legal and Certification Committee.

Legal Affairs Committee
The Legal Affairs Committee provides advice and legal assistanceto  LAPM Board members and members of theassociation on legal issues and ensure compliance with legislation of Republic of Latvia.
Member of the Committee is Lelde Lipska.

Certification Committee
The certification committee shall be responsible for and carry out personnel manager / specialist certification. Certification Committee is chaired by Eva Selga.  Members are Irena Leonenko, Gundega Dambe, Lelde Lipska , Baiba Pedraudze

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